121099, Moscow, Novinsкy boulevard, 11


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Here are some historical data

Here are some historical data

Today’s Novinsky boulevard makes up part of the Sodovy ring from Protochny lane to Kudrisky square where the boulevard really was from 1877 to 1937.

The history of the name dates back to the XV century when the monastery (later named Novinsky) was built in Novinsky lane westward of today’s street. In the XVII century there were the monastery’s ponds on the Presnya river abound in fish and close to today’s Kudrinskaya square there were big stables and the settlement of grooms. In 1764 the monastery was abolished and all its property passed over to the state treasury.

The profitable house in Novinsky boulevard, 11 was built on the plot of land owned by prince S.A. Scherbatov, the son of the Moscow head A.A. Scherbatov. The house designed by then little known architect Tumanyan was constructed in 1911-13. Sculptors А.А.Kudinov and В.В.Kuznetsov as well  as artist И.И.Novinsky took part in this project.

This building became a sensation in the capital world for it marked a new stage in the construction of profitable houses. In 1913 году it participated in the competition “For the house façade beauty” and was awarded the first prize. The Scherbatov profitable house became a new word in the Moscow architecture. The house built in the neo-classicism style consists of the five-storeyed main building deep inside the plot and connected wings overlooking the street. Between the wings there was a forged fence along the street.  

The upper part of the main house in Novinsky boulevard, 11 which has the most of the façade decorations was inhabited by the owner himself. It was the first penthouse ever built in Moscow. The house owner desired to watch the Kremlin towers from his windows. It was here that his numerous collections of ancient icons, paintings and various artifacts were kept. In the lower part of the main building and in the side wings there were apartments to rent.

The well-known Russian writer A.N. Toslstoy was one of the dwellers in 1912-1914.  

In 1918 the house was nationalized and passed over to the workers of the Trekhgorny textile mill for living in.  

Nowadays there are both apartments and offices in the building in Novinsky boulevard, 11.